IRC has recently coordinated and facilitated a successful business educational trip for companies in Singapore’s F&B industry organised by Brein in conjunction with the Restaurant Association of Singapore. Singapore is facing a labour shortage situation which is affecting the growth potential of businesses in the service sector which is heavily reliant on manpower. This study mission has been supported by several Government agencies, including SPRING Singapore (SPRING) and Workforce Development Agency (WDA), whose representatives have joined the trip.

The objectives of the study mission were:

  • To learn about how Italian businesses use employer branding and learning & development to attract talents to their company
  • To learn how Italian businesses redesign their jobs so that they can increase productivity and use less manpower at the same time
  • To learn about some innovative productivity concepts that can help Singapore businesses increase their productivity in the restaurants
  • To share best practices with similar industry peers
  • To network with Italian businesses to explore possible business partnerships

Accompanied by Chef Aira Piva, IRC General Manager and Judit Kiss, the delegates have visited the following Companies:

The participants of the trip comprised mostly senior management (CEOs, Managing Directors, HR Directors etc) of these companies: Tung Lok Group, Creative Eateries, Kampong Group, Aspire! Group, Sakae Holdings, FoodZaps Technology Pte Ltd, Yun Nan Garden Restaurant, Katrina Holdings Kotobuki, WDA (Government agency), SPRING (Government agency).